Here, you’re free to embrace timeless, small town values with endless spaces to roam. Designed with the most cutting-edge technology and innovative infrastructure, Independence reimagines the quality of your family’s daily life.

A Conservation Community

The foundation of Independence is a philosophy focused on being better stewards of the place we call home. We are focused on preserving what came before, conserving valuable resources, and leaving a smaller footprint for all residents to enjoy more and use less.

The vision for Independence is that ten years from now, the landscape will look as it always has, yet richer for what has been added to it—families laughing over dinner on the back porch. Neighbors gathering for BBQs, picnics and concerts at Homestead Park. A place where you’re still able to look up and see the stars at night.

This is our conservation story.

Setting out to build a conservation community atop Colorado’s largest water recycling program with a visionary commitment to sustainability is no small feat. We believe this is the only viable path forward because responsible land planning and development benefit all involved now and into the future. This forward-thinking conservation model is setting a new standard for the future of community building in Colorado, and across the country.

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