We live in an increasingly busy and congested world which we’re seeing firsthand in Denver. A drive that used to take 15 minutes, now takes 30 minutes and open spaces are being filled with commercial and residential buildings at an increasing rate. Ultimately, this is a positive indicator of a healthy economy and an activated community. But, for new and long-time residents alike, it’s getting harder and harder to find a place to enjoy the outdoors and unplug from this busy and congested world we inhabit.

Simpler Living

This desire for simpler living and a connection to the outdoors is not unique to Denver. In growing markets all over the country we are seeing the similar demands from buyers: better designed spaces with open floorplans, flex-rooms, use of higher quality materials and porches and patios that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. 

Gz Living Rm Firepit View

University Homes

For one of Invalesco Real Estate’s current projects, University Homes, lead architect Brad Tomecek of Tomecek Studio Architects embraced the project’s location in the leafy neighborhoods south of the University of Denver on South University Boulevard. A unique undeveloped parcel on a cul-de-sac provided the opportunity to create a micro-neighborhood with room for three modern single-family homes on lots averaging 7,500 square feet. 

Gz Front Twilight

In addition to thoughtful lot siting, the home’s walls use extra insulation to insulate the interior from exterior city noise, while strategically placed, south-facing windows bathe the interior with natural light throughout the day. Also featured in all of the homes are dramatic patios off the living areas with wide doors that encourage the residents to flow seamlessly between the two, as well as making the inside living space live much larger than the interior footprint. 

Universitycir Hi Res 07

As cities grow and people look for places of refuge, land planning and architecture will play an increasingly important role in the quality of life of its residents. Here at Invalesco Real Estate, we are excited by these challenges and look forward to working on many more unique projects in this city we call home. 


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