One of the most popular online gambling games now is pkv games apk. PKV Games apk one of the online card games that can be played by several players in a coincident tempo. Since the growth of this PKV. enthusiasts are increasingly rising little by little because to get a pkv games apk account is very easy, especially by some players who are technologically illiterate or lack the ability to use smartphones.

Unfortunately this game can not be played arbitrarily, because this game is a paid game and each player must pay some money in order to play this game. Calculated as a paid game group, pkv games apk is a card gambling game that takes the form of online. So it’s not surprising you have to make a deposit / deposit to enjoy the game.


Ease Register PKV Games APK

Unlike paid games, usually by using real money to be able to get it, pkv games apk is different to get it for free, but to play it must pay. If you are one of the people with a large fortune in the game, you can also get benefits in the form of real money into rewards.

This game can be played with a smartphone or mobile phone because it is improved by using the most recent technology and of course has provided support for all bases and Android and iOS operating schemes. As well as in this chance article, I will give an example of a list of pkv games apk accounts on the pkv poker site that is for you if you are confused about the account list.


The easiest way to register a Pkv Games Apk account

First, open the poker site pkv games apk you have chosen. Then look for the LIST text and later there will be a list form like the following. Make sure to fill everything with details and really so that it will not be difficult later.

From the picture above, you can see 11 important columns filled.

  • Username: fill in your name to use when logging in later
  • Password: fill in a password that is easy for you to remember but not in general form
  • Password Verification: refill the original password
  • Complete Name: fill in the complete name as stated on the signal signal card
  • Contact Number: fill in the active mobile number
  • E-mail: use active e-mail (fb, twitter or other e-mail)
  • Referral Code: leave it blank if there is no referral
  • Bank Name: choose according to your bank
  • Account Name: fill in the name in accordance with the savings book
  • Account Number: fill in the account number listed in the savings book
  • Validation Code: fill in the 4 digit number in the column next to the registration
  • Finally click / press REGISTER


Make sure there is a green tick next to the right side of the pkv games apk list form. If that doesn’t work, try to look back at which part of the error and fix it until the green check comes out. If it has also been updated but still wrong, because the solution is to consult with the consumer service site when you play. No need to feel embarrassed and ashamed, immediately say your problem and will be helped later.


Before entering the game lobby, you will be intercepted by a secret question “Please fill in the last 3 digits of your account number recorded on our site?”. Therefore, you only need to enter the last 3 digits of the account number if it is correct, will enter the game lobby. That’s the step of registering or registering an account on the pkv games apk site. If you still do not understand the procedures for registering at pkv games. No need to be afraid or confused immediately ask CS online right away.

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