Now you’re ready to plan your personal Parade of Homes tour adventure for one of the best home property tours in Colorado. You can click here to search for homes whether your interest is in luxury homes, custom homes, custom home builders, model homes, or properties you want to see throughout Denver. Plan it your way, or your schedule. Just follow the directions and enjoying touring these homes.

To plan your Parade of Homes tour, complete with home-to-home directions, begin by simply clicking the “Add to My Tour” button beneath the photo of each Parade home. To review a current list of the homes you have added to your tour, click the “My Tour” link in the navigation bar. Feel free to drag and drop each home summary up or down to change the order of your tour! Once you have added all of the homes you wish to see, enter your starting address, and click the “Generate Parade Map” button. A link to turn-by-turn navigation directions for your own custom Parade tour will be generated in the green box below. You may view the directions by clicking on the blue link. You may also choose to copy the link to share with others or email the directions link to an email address you specify. If you would like to add more homes to your tour click here to search for more new homes. You can also re-organize the homes listed below by clicking on the blue arrows to the left of each address and dragging and dropping it to your desired order.

Here are some tips for you to consider:

PLAN AHEAD. Several days before you go on your home tour, plan your route. Depending on your point of origin, you can easily see five homes or more in one day, or half-day, if you’re ambitious. Look at the map and directions on the website. Check the website for days and times the Parade is open.
If you have younger children, pack lunches and water bottles or plan ahead to enjoy some restaurants along the way. Finally, leave with a full tank of gas…or better yet invite friends and family to carpool.

PARKING. Most Parade homes require that you park on the street in the neighborhood. A few will have designated parking areas. Be courteous of the neighborhood and observe all city parking and speed regulations. Lock your car and valuables.

THE HOMES. Please keep in mind, these are new homes and the builders plan to sell these homes. Treat them as you would like a visitor to treat your own home.

PHOTOS? By all means, feel free to take pictures and notes! Hopefully, you’ll get some great ideas for your current home or your next home. And while you’re at it, feel free to share on your social media channels!

RESTROOMS. Most Parade homes do not offer public restrooms. So, plan accordingly.

FOOD. Plan to stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner during your tour of Parade show homes. Consult your newspaper or the Internet for some of the fine restaurants in the neighborhoods you will be visiting. Note: There are no concessions at the homes.

Bring water bottles and snacks as walking through homes and up and down stairs will make you hungry and thirsty – and, it will save you money! But remember, you can’t take food or beverages into the homes.

WALKING. Speaking of all that walking – wear comfortable shoes.

KNOW THE PARADE TIMES. You don’t have to see all 75 homes in one day or weekend! The Parade of Homes is open Thursday, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for three weeks, August 9th through August 26th. Plan ahead and see the Parade homes in sections.

HAVE FUN! This is an adventure. The home builders who built these new homes are professional business people and they have chosen to allow us into their magnificent homes. Take advantage of the ideas they have to offer, and recognize that typically if you wanted to see these homes, you’d have to make an appointment with a Realtor and prove you have the means to purchase the home.

Have fun and enjoy your tour of this year’s Parade of Homes!


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